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Generally, the protection and promotion of human rights is a core function of the three terms of government to wit: The executive, legislature and the judiciary. In particular, judicial protection of human rights becomes expedient not only for the rule of law but the determination of equality governance. For example, an organized government needs a functioning legal and judicial system to bring forth its aspirations through an enormous regard for the protection and promotion of human rights. On this note, this dissertation aimed at examining the effectives of the judiciary in discharging its duty in the enforcement of human rights in Nigeria through the study of the existing legal writings on the subject matter with a view to strengthening the institution in the final analysis. The sources of information relied upon were relevant books, articles in Journals publication, judicial authorities, statutes, conferences and internet materials. In the course of the research it was found among others that the judicial remedies which are in place to redress human rights violations are not adequate as a result of non-respect for the judiciary, corruption and political influence which leads to the non-enforcement of judgments and orders of the Court. Against this backdrop, this dissertation concluded by recommending amongst others that the current strive against corruption by the government should not be confined to the Judiciary but to the society at large in other to chastise and strengthen the institution to be able to make for the best means of protecting human rights in Nigeria.

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